Yet another rant…

Assalamu aleikum,

For a while I have been waiting for things to change. Apparently they won’t ; me and a sophisticated sense of humour seem to an impossible match to make.

The above picture just goes to demonstrate this well-known fact… But it does also make a valid point.

You see,  I spend a lot of time online (hardly a surprise to anyone, i have no social life), but lately I’ve started to think how much of this time is actually beneficial. I mean… Of course I know that all the time I spend browsing through the news of my native country, or commenting on a bunch of status quotes on Facebook is not a useful way of spending time at all, but till know I’ve thought that the time spent on islamic forums is at least not AS down the drain as the otherkind of well… time-wasting.

Of course I have been wrong. Most of the time people tend to write on “islamic” forums (that, as I have mentioned before often deal with a bunch of other things than islam) just to a) debate useless issues  or b) to get justification to their own views. There seem to be all these endless debates on the haramity or halality of an issue (whether simple or complex), mostly debated by people who have a) very little or b) no islamic knowledge whatsoever. But then again, which is more stupid- the people who engage themselves in this useless discussion or the people who read it?

(yes i read ’em…)

I was listening to Bukhari Dars by my shaykh today. At the end of the lecture he reminded us that we should not listen to Islamic speeches for the sake of entertainment. Very often we choose what to listen to based on whether the title (or the topic)  is “interesting, scary or fascinating”. However this might not be beneficial to us since our niya in this manner is often crooked.

The same goes for reading forums. On our forum the topics that gain most statistical reads are the ones that include some sort of an argument, or a heated debate, i.e topics that are in one way or another controversial. And I have to admit I do the same. It takes a lot of effort to read long articles on a “topic” but much easier to read short shout outs about an “issue”. They are, I’m sure, much easier to write too.

I’m not, by no means (since I know that there are ppl reading this nonsense who are active forumists and I’m not completely daft) saying that all people taking part in debates online are ignorant fools. What I am saying though, is that there seems to be a growing population of people who see that as their primary mission in life. That, my friends, is waisting time. There also seems to be a growing population of people who sign onto forums only in order to debate (i guess it’s the same group, but just so no one would find themselves offended by my miscategorizing…). They never bother with asking honest, fair questions, learning something or having an intelligent discussion where people can agree to disagree. On the contrary they pick on topics they don’t even necessarily have an opinion on, just for the sake of argument. Mostly their arguments are weakly presented, aggresive and without a proper set of evidence (not even mentioning the lack of such things as common sense).


As muslims we should encourage each other to do good and forbid each other from doing evil. We should also refrain from waisting each other’s time with unnecessary topics (if you have noticed the title of this blog and you’re as intelligent as I think you are, you probably stopped reading before the fancy dog-pic). Instead what many of us seem to be doing is enjoin annoyance and forbid reason.

There really isn’t an intelligent, deep-thought conclusion to this post (the others usually do- ehem. but please don’t check), but let me make a pathetic attempt on it anyway.

I remeber how in high school we were told about the sofists who loved to argue and the philosophers who loved konwledge for the sake of it. I guess that’s just the way the world goes (don’t ask me where it’s going unless you seriously want me to answer). The best thing to do with these arguments is to skip them and concentrate on what ever is beneficial. For a moderator in me the task is harder, but thank God I wasn’t born responsible- I won’t feel all horrible for laying back and letting others do my job.