hijab hijack

Assalamu aleikum,


I know some people who choke on the word. Islamic hijab is a great divider of opinions, both within the muslim society and outside it.

hijab prison

A lot of non-muslims don’t seem to be getting the point (unless if they’re REALLY familiar with biblical history etc.) They see hijab as a symbol of Arabic culture; as a form of oppression. People might be cool with you being a muslim, but  their opinion miraculosly changes after you start covering. Which is really weird. Because usually these are the same people who nurture freedom to choose as their birth right (You have the freedom to choose, as long as you choose what they want you to, that is.) . In the best case you’ll find yourself friendless and jobless, just because of a piece of cloth. Horray for civilization… You’re lucky they haven’t burnt you at the stake yet. How ever this was not at all my own exprience; everyone took MY covering really well, including my family. Alhamdulillaah, I consider myself blessed.

Besides, it’s not really important what the non-muslims think. At least your own community’s always got your back…

If they do. Unfortunately very often other muslims are more critical than the non-muslims. In many muslim communities the clothes really do make a man.

hijab cartoon

I know brothers who won’t salaam to other brothers, unless they have a beard; I know sisters who’ll only salaam you as long as you’re wearing a niqab. Which is… sad. Because it proves that these people look the way look and dress the way they dress for something completely different than attaining the pleasure of Allah. These people, who think of themselves to be more pious than the others, are infested with qibr, to the extent that everything they do is riyaa (display). Now probably most of these people really do think they’re following the Quran and the Sunnah (which they’re not; they’re actually following the Quran and Hadith, which is a totally diffferent thing), but they seem to have forgotten WHY they’re doing it.

Now, because the topic of this blog is not the reasons behind actions (which WOULD make a good blog and inshaAllah it’ll be coming up soon), let me get back to the point.

There are a lot of different ways to fullfill the requisits of the islamic hijab, and there are various interpretations of it. However all the scholars agree that a woman’s islamic clothing should be (as then man’s too) modest, clean and loose. It should cover the aurah (which is, for women everything exept face and hands, and according to some even the facve and the hands, and as for the men it should cover at least the area between the waist and the knees.) This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress like a 7th century arab. If you look at the muslims in different parts of the world you can see plenty of variation; each having adjusted to the circumstances it’s worn.So you’d think there’d be plenty to choose from…

However some sisters still seem to be missing the point. We wear hijab to be recocnized as the servants of Allah. We don’t wear the hijab to please our husbands egos, we don’t wear hijab to be seen as more pious than the rest, and we certainly don’t wear the hijab (the wrong way) to show others that we’re cool euro-muslims. (oh even the term makes me sick.)

Sorry to brake it to you, but none of the below are hijabs:


However, what matters more than the actual clothes, is the way you wear them. The niqabi with the pious text on her scarf really is tehre for a reason. Even if you wear a sack over your head it’s not a hidjab unless and until you have your inner hidjab in order. Women in islam are told to dress modestly. Now there are two ways to understand this sentence; women should dress modestly (where modestly is the adverb pointing to the verb dress, i.e describing the way of dressing.), or women should dress (,) modestly (where modestly is referring to the whole previous sentence. It really is about the modesty, not the dressing. (and I’m speaking to myself first)

maria hijab Why, by the way is this pious…

hijab modesty …But this is oppressed?

The other day I was walking by the local pub, there was this English couple, nearly 60 years of age, sitting outside, drinking summin. The guy pointed at me from a distance already and when I got to where they were sitting he said ”Hey, have you seen your face?” The woman muttered something about my niqab being disgusting..And they repeated their sentences quite a lot of times with the vigour and excitement of 2,5 promilles.

I could have been really offended. And I probably would have been…

But it’s kinda difficult to take cirtisizm seriously when it’s coming from a 60-year-old lady who’s desperately trying to look like she’s 13. (seriously, she had bleeched hair, huge sunglasses, pink lipstic and pink fake nails. I had more style when I WAS 13..)

apina And compared to that, this is actully quite chic.

The conversation went on much longer than it should have (and would have if I had my inner hijab straight) and I did regret later that I didn’t use the chance given to me properly to make dawa (instead of a few seriously sarcastic comments). But folks, I’ve come a long way! At least I didn’t tell the lady she’d be better of if no one would see her face either…



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