Why banging your head to the wall can sometimes be useful

Assalamu aleikum

After going through pain and strife to get my makeshift sofa comfortably (and it does take a lotta trouble since it really is just two springed mattersses. Everytime you shift you go boing) I thought I’d write a little, since I really should be doing something more intelligent but just can’t be bothered.

The American comedian Azhar Usman talked in one of his sketches about MP; muslim potential. It does seem to be true what he said about most muslims in the west having a converting-project going; almost everyone I know more or less do.

My husband’s latest project, a person who’s rather close to me, is unfortunately turning out be a mission impossible.

mission impossible

You know how there are these kind of people, with whom you can spend ages arguing over things like is the grass really green or just sort of a greenish shade of brown. These people tend to argue about anything and everything with anyone, just for the sake of it. And they usually win their arguments (not because they are that good, but mainly because their opponents tend to get bored out of their minds after the first 15 minutes). This makes them think that they’re always right, that they really know better and that the world has volumes to learn from them. This leads to them being unable to respect anyone around them. (hmm. Funny that, reminds me of how some salafis act…how ever the person i’m talking about is a none-muslim, just to clear the matter up a bit.)


It’s hard to see these people having much MP. But then again, who are we to judge. Weren’t we just like them way back before Allah in His vast Mercy guided us to islam? I sure know I was. A decade back I didn’t have much MP either. I was a self-made victim of feminism, thinking myself as a free, civilized, intelligent young woman- thinking I was a playah, never realizing I was the one being played.

If I could go back in time I’d love to give the old-me a good whoppin. It’s not right that the society we live in gives freedom to the people- if the freedom they mean is the freedom to act like an idiot. But unfortunately that silly, messed up teenager, in many ways, defines who I am now. At some stage I gained the sufficient wisdom to pretend that I’m really not that stupid. After doing some soul-searching (and experimenting with a really weird set of exotic religions) I finally drifted to Islam, realizing that what I actually believed in, had a name.


Most people seem to approach religion from a different angle though, they deny the fact that there is a god. They answer questions like “where did the Earth come from” with a big band theory (or something as ridiculous, and really believe humans are some sort of a subspecies of apes. If you tell them that “maybe the reason that the “missing link” is still missing, is the fact that there is no link?”They suddenly start acting very much like their so-called hairy cousins, accusing you of “not being scientific” and “you can’t really believe in things that you can’t see.” (would be interesting to know which one of them “saw” the big bang, and how on earth is it possible for species to turn magically into other species; isn’t it a wonder that the nature suddenly produced humans, but other “apes” such as the chimpanzee have been pretty much the same since the dawn of time.)


They say ethics can very well exist without religion. Which is true, of course, since the ethical ppl who don’t believe in God, in fact, believe in ethics. But good people existed way before ethics was even invented (by some greek dude wearing a towel I suppose). And the fact is, those people were God-fearing, believing people.

It seems useless to talk to these people; not just about religion; about anything else as well. Because these people will always think you are unsophisticated, unintelligent loony, just because you believe in God. They talk down on you (which is of course very ethical…erm…) and quote writers like Naipaul and Rushdie (btw, I’ve read both, and can’t really see what’s the big deal), because they think that’s gonna make you mad. (and partly because they want to brag with their knowledge of such useless references.)

It is, however, important to keep talking to these people (even though you really want to give ’em a wedgie (the old school one they do in the Simpsons)), because you never know what MIGHT be the case. And our duty is only to deliver the message (and make dua-a lot). The hearts are in the hands of Allah, and He may turn them if He pleases. May Allah give is the ability make such dawa, that it reaches the hearts of the people, may Allah keep us on the straight path. Aamiin.


O Allah guide us on the straight path,

the path of whom thou has favoured,

the prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs

and the pious people and those who are good to have as friends.



  1. proselyytin frendi said,

    15/08/2009 at 12:34 pm

    I’m tired of banging my head against the wall, so can you update please, lol….

  2. proselyytti said,

    15/08/2009 at 1:50 pm

    hah. me too. been working onna new blog for a week. not that it’s that good-just never seem to find the time to do what i like the most ;which is waisting time. colossaly:D

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