a global village idiot

Assalamu aleikum

    sighs* every time i sit down to write these days, something seems to come up. I never get the chance of writing a whole page- or if i do it gets out of date before i post it. I had forgotten, to an extent, that the downside of being married is the lack of time you have for being all creative. There are a lot of things I’d like to write about, and don’t even really know where to start. ( it doesnt help that this desk is too high and my wrists already hurt after writing like 5 lines- oh, i just noticed the chair goes up, so let’s continue.)

    I recently moved a hood in London. And in calling it a hood (or maybe we shud be correct and call it da hood), i’m totally not trying to sound all cool and stuff, this really IS a hood. There is a sad little population of white people, who have managed to struggle through the biggest wave of immigrants. They have a little pub around the corner and church (where no one really seems to go to). Multiculturalism in London is, self evidently, on a completely different level than in Finland.

    The other day I woke up to the sound of a bhangra drum outside my window. I went to see what was going on (half annoyed (since I AM finnish anyway), half curious) and saw a marching band practising outside my window. There was the bhangra drum guy, some other musicians and, what I found enromously surprising, a bunch of retired-looking English men, in sawlar kameezes, playing insturments like the flute and the trumpet (or some sort of a horn, I’m afraid i’m no expert on things that blow..ehem, that YOU blow- and after the horrific joke, let’s continue the narration:). They looked slightly confused, going through their notes. As if this wasn’t strange enough (at about 10 am on a sunday), the next thing I saw was a white horse, with plumes (the poor thing), being walked out of a trailer. After seeing that I partly decided it was way too creepy, partly felt hungry and went to make breakfast.

    After a while I had to drop my toast (since I CAN be all proper and English) and rush back to the window, because I heard the sound of the band again, this time from the bigger road, marching down towards the sikh-temple. A (most probably drugged) groom was sitting on the white, plumed up horse, wearing a mask and all. The rest of the congregation were marching in front of, and behind the poor bloke (who seriously had to be either drugger or seriously traditional, no one in their right mind would dress that way in the public, while riding a white horse with PLUMES, especially not in the middle of Barking, but then again…). The horse trod peacefully, the weather was beautiful (which is a thing worth noting, since this is England anyway) and the band played… for some inexplicable reason “every beat of my heart says Allah”. I looked at the english blokes, who fell out of rhythm every now and then and thought, well, that’s “multicultural”.

    Today I was going to the local mall to do some shopping. On a street corner I saw a bunch of alcoholics (the real ones, you know, who actually live on the street and whose brain is operated by Jack Daniels (- puts colour on your cheeks and takes it out of your clothes) ) huddeled in a corner. 2 whiteguys, an asian and an african. Yeah… That’s multicultural, I say.


    I hate the term multicultural, it’s almost as bad as “global”. Even an innocent word (like a village) seems to instantly lose it’s meaning and become a representative of what the EU wants to present as “the European culture” when it’s attached to a word like “global” or “culture”. It’s fake, it’s shallow and it’s deadly boring. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop some people believing that globalism is some sort of a life-value.

    There is a growing population of idiots out there these days (see the monty python sketch “village idiot” to see the reference), who seem to esteem this “European culture” and the idea of the Global village, so high that it has become like a religion. These people, after denying the existence of God (because being both religious and a sophisticated European person is impossible) have come to worship false idols; artists, composers, architects but most of all their own brain. Since no matter how these people claim to believe in multiculturalism, the only thing they really belive in is their own (supposed) higher capacity of a) how the world works and b) how it is supposed to work.

    Unfortunately many muslim countries as well as many muslims living here in the west have been affected by the cult of culture worshippers. So they write books on how islam degrades women, how islam really isn’t as original as claimed by the muslim majority and how the Quran has changed over time (astaghfirullaah). They make short films, play rock music and promote civilized, european values like democracy, capitalism and yes, multiculturalism. Little do they know that the west accepts them only as long as they deny themselves, renounce their deen and their background, making their own roots as a means of publicity. They wish to be known, famous and original.

    But as the European multiculturalism means, that the white people are in charge and pat all the others in the head quite equally (besides it’s always interesting to see just HOW much milder curry can be made to please the royal taste buds of the white man, and kebabs are good too), these “artists”, these… defenders of “humanity” may receive a nobel prize, but they will still always be “ the indian guy who wrote the book on summin controverisal and got a a fatwa on his head” or “the chick who posed naked for a short film, you know… the somali one”. All they have done is in vain.

    Commonwealth literature DOES indeed exist, cultures exist as do cultural differences. Only a person who sees his own spiritual state, realizing his nothingness and actual non-exsistance in front of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, can stop labelling him/herself as well as others in groups based on ethnicity and country. Ya Allah, let us strive hard to achieve what really is unity and be united under Your name, aamiin.


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  1. hatije miranda said,

    20/04/2010 at 6:49 pm

    mashallah !!! i like your blog soo much.specialy ”People might be cool with you being a muslim, but their opinion miraculosly changes after you start covering. Which is really weird. ” this words touch me. i start to covering newly and arround is fully like that how you discribe…
    p.s. sorry for my english its not my mother language

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